Essential nutrients are needed by your body to function properly.

Good nutrition is the key to good mental and physical health.

The Restored's Foundations of Health


The Restored Four Foundations of Sleep The Restored Four Foundations of Sleep

Your Feel Better Challenge

Building your foundation in nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated. Forget faddy diets or big lifestyles changes you can’t quite stick to… begin with introducing a couple of new habits, suggested by registered nutritionists Chloe and Alex, (co-founders of Health is Wealth), and start to notice those improvements to your health and wellbeing.

Step 1

Hydration! Aim for 2 litres of water a day. Easy ways to do this?

  • Every time you finish your glass or bottle, fill it back up straight away so it doesn’t sit empty for hours.
  • Link drinking water to another daily habit. Drink a glass when you’re back from the look, or make sure you drink with every meal.
  • You might be more inclined to drink water if it was a little more interesting. Why not add a slice of lemon?
Step 2

Vegetables. Aim for at least 5 portions a day. You add these to your existing diet...

  • Include spinach in a smoothie
  • Try a vegetarian chilli so you can pack lots of variety in
  • Soups are an excellent way to consume multiple servings of vegetables at once.



Eat the rainbow. Focus on consuming lots of different colour (of natural foods - Skittles don’t count!). Each colour has a different purpose in the body and the wider the variety, the better.

Chloe & Alex

"Over 95% of mood regulating serotonin, (responsible for everything from social behaviour to quality of sleep, anxiety, memory and more) exists in the digestive system and as such, we make it a priority."

Chloe & Alex
Co-Founders of Health is Wealth

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