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How Can The Restored Help Me?

Good health doesn’t need to be complicated. The Restored's philosophy is grounded in the Four Foundations of Health. We believe restoring the Four Foundations of Health is the best way of helping you feel significantly better.

Why Four Foundations of Health?

To make significant improvements to our health, we need a good baseline in all four foundations; sleep, nutrition, movement and mindset. They are so deeply interlinked that if one foundation is weak, the others’ tremble too. You are only as strong as your weakest link! So significant improvements come from identifying and restoring your weakest foundations, which in turn helps improve all aspects of your health, so you feel noticeably better.


Think of sleep as recovery. Quality recovery is essential for restoring your energy and your mental and physical health.


Essential nutrients are needed by your body to function properly. Our health, mood and energy is dictated by what we eat.


The freedom to move and function pain-free is essential before you move on to further health improvements.


The right mindset and combined with practical advice helps you consistantly get the results of better sleep, nutrition and movement.

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The Restored and Pareto’s Principle

Our Mission

"To help people feel significantly better by empowering them to restore their sleep, nutrition and movement"

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Discover how The Restored empowered Phil to get back to good