The Restored story

This is the story of how I significantly improved my health and energy. I don’t share this to impress you, I share this to explain how I went about restoring my health after hitting a critical point where I was in constant pain, exhausted and barely functioning.

I decided I had to do everything I could to regain my health. I was open to trying anything and I’ve spent years intensely researching, reaching out to experts and trying many solutions to my own health problems.

In that time, I have explored every avenue offered by the wellness industry and spent £1,000s on a quest to restore my health.

Now in my late thirties, I have restored many of my health challenges and found the most effective solution that really works is to build a solid foundation of good health:

SLEEP | NUTRITION | MOVEMENT | MINDSET - these are our four foundations of health and this is how it helped me...

The Restored's Four Foundations of Health



Think of sleep as recovery. Quality recovery is essential for restoring your energy and your mental and physical health.



Essential nutrients are needed by your body to function properly. Our health, mood and energy is dictated by what we eat.



The freedom to move and function pain-free is essential before you move on to further health improvements.



The right mindset helps you make good decisions about nutrition, energises you for movement and creates great sleep habits.

I restored my health and you can too

Like many people, I have experienced unexpected health problems that literally stopped me in my tracks.

I’ve had back issues since University, but in my early thirties I suffered from back pain so excruciating that I couldn’t lift my son from his cot - I was barely functioning.

I desperately wanted to fix my back so that I could enjoy life with my new family.

I intensely researched what could be the source of my back pain. I bought every back product out there and spoke to many experts.

I restored my ability to move...

The lightbulb moment came when I discovered the issue for me was a lack of movement. I was spending all day sitting.

My sitting posture was good because I was already aware that I needed to sit in a good posture. The real issue is that I was sitting in that same position all day, with no breaks.

I learned that my muscles were working to maintain that position and producing the waste product lactic acid. Getting up and moving around causes our muscles to be stimulated, increasing circulation to properly utilise the lactic acid. I wasn’t moving, so the lactic acid kept building and the pain continued.

I wasn’t moving because I was afraid to move.

Doing exercise was completely out of the question for fear of pulling my back. I didn’t even to do the movements that my physio said would help it. So I spent the evenings after work… sitting!

Once I realised that movement was the key for me, I created a few products that gave me the confidence to get back to moving. One of these was a double-adjustment back support. It helped me so much that a few family members asked for one, and then with the advice of a mentor I started selling it online.

Since then we have sold over 250,000 supports and I am extremely proud of how many people they have helped to get back moving again.

Then there was the next health challenge that needed to be restored…

It wasn’t long before I had the next challenge with my health. With a second newborn and a stressful corporate job, I was completely exhausted. My wife and I were extremely lucky that both of our children only woke up a few times a night when they were young (I know many people have it worse).  But I still slept terribly with the huge anxiety that ‘they might’ wake up, and if they did, would I be able to get back to sleep? The anxiety of a bad nights’ sleep remained even as they got older.

During the day I felt like I couldn’t ‘keep-up’ with life - I was in a bad mood at home and couldn’t focus at work. This led to more anxiety, which led to poorer sleep, less energy and the vicious cycle just went round and round.

I became fixated with the best natural energy or brain supplements that would help me during the day to get back to feeling my ‘utmost’ self. I wanted to feel like I was functioning at 100%, but in reality I felt a long way off that, and I would have been happy with just feeling good!

So much focus is on being your ‘best self’, that I had completely by-passed the idea of just feeling better.

Whilst looking for a ‘cure’ for my lack of energy, I again reached out to many experts in different fields and it became overwhelmingly obvious that if I restored my sleep, then my energy would go back up.

The wellness industry offers an endless array of areas to focus on in order to improve your health - I had looked to almost everything to restore my mood and energy, except my sleep.

This was a revelation to me - if you are hungry, eat a nutritious meal... If you are tired, don’t use more caffeine to trick the body that you are not tired... get better quality sleep!

I restored my sleep

Once again, I set about researching everything I could do to restore my sleep. For me it boiled down to two things: good sleep behaviours and the right nutrients.

Armed with this knowledge I dramatically improved my own sleep and then set out to help others. I spent 3 years working with a wide variety of health experts including sleep specialists and nutritionists to create supplements that are genuinely effective, combined with practical advice that will make the biggest impact to your sleep.

I restored my nutrition

I am fascinated by the subject of nutrition because I had food poisoning in 2007 and have been gluten intolerant ever since. For years, I struggled to absorb the right nutrients and lost a lot of weight.

This is why it is extremely important to me to have as science first, evidence based approach to anything we develop at The Restored.

All of our supplements have nutrients in the highest quality forms that can be more easily absorbed by the body, and combinations of ingredients at effective levels.

My mindset was the final hurdle in restoring my health

Finally I realised that the mindset needed to get better health results is key. To stick with something you need to get results early to know it is worth sticking with.

I am a huge advocate of the Pareto Principle; the 80/20 rule. I.e. 80% or more of your results will come from only 20% of your actions.

When I was tired I did not have the energy to get off the sofa and have the perfect wind-down routine before bed. But once I gave myself permission to just focus on the one or two things that would make the biggest difference to my bedtime routine, I saw significant improvements.

The Restored - our philosophy

On my journey I have been joined by some world-class experts who share the mission of The Restored. Our mission is...

"To help people feel significantly better by empowering them to restore their sleep, nutrition and movement."

We are driven by a passion to make a positive difference, through effective products in these three areas, backed up with practical advice aligned to our four foundations of health:

Sleep | Nutrition | Movement | Mindset

If you can restore your health to a good level in these four areas, you will have a solid foundation of wellbeing. Most people focus on one or two areas and often neglect at least one. You are only as strong as your weakest link; you need a good foundation in all these areas.

Everyone has different health challenges. So everything we do at The Restored is designed to empower you, so we encourage you to start with the one thing that will make the most significant difference to your health.

Richard Turnbull

Founder of The Restored