Hello, we’re The Restored

…and we are here to help you feel better.


Our Story

Our Founder is Richard Turnbull and he has been building a team around him over the past 7 years who are committed to a single mission:

“To help people feel significantly better by empowering them to restore their sleep, nutrition and movement”


We are called The Restored because our collective aim is to empower you to get back to good health and leave you feeling significantly better.


Our Approach

We believe focusing on restoring the four foundations of health is the best way of helping you feel significantly better.


The health and wellness industry offers a bewildering and endless array of areas to focus on to improve your health, but we have found that prioritising these four foundations delivers the greatest return on your effort.

If you can restore your health to a good level in these four areas, you will have a solid foundation of wellbeing. Most people focus on one or two areas and often neglect at least one. You are only as strong as your weakest link; you need a good foundation in all these areas.


Why Four Foundations?


Research suggests that Sleep, and specifically the quality of your sleep, is perhaps one of the most important factors determining how healthy you feel. Sleep should be regarded as recovery time for the body and quality recovery time is essential for restoring your energy and your mental and physical health.


Movement and an active lifestyle has long been understood to contribute to restoring good health. The freedom and confidence to move and function pain free is essential before you move on to further health improvements.


 And finally, the right mindset can be critical in helping you make good and consistent decisions about nutrition, it can motivate you to keep moving and create great sleep habits.

Everyone has different health challenges. So everything we do at The Restored is designed to empower you, so we encourage you to start with the one thing that will make the most significant difference to your health.


Science First, Evidence Based

By taking a science first, evidence based approach we have created a suite of pioneering products to restore your sleep, nutrition and movement combined with practical advice and guidance that empowers you to maintain a healthy mindset.

As an innovator for healthy living we design and develop our own bespoke products in the UK to ensure that they do what they say and make a positive difference.

We believe however in a balanced approach to healthy living and that no product alone is enough. A sleep supplement will not be effective if you are staring at your phone until late at night. The impact of a nutrition supplement will be limited if not combined with a healthy diet. A mobility support will only go so far to addressing poor posture.

So we combine all of our products with free practical advice from a wide range of nutritionists, biochemists, movement and sleep specialists. We focus on empowering you to get the most of our products by offering three key insights that have been proven to make a significant difference. We feel confident that this combination of product innovation and free expert advice will leave you feeling significantly better.

All of our products have the clinical evidence featured on their product page showing the science they are based on and the provenance of their premium ingredients. We also have thousands of customers who we are proud to say we have helped to feel better.

We aim to be recognised as an innovator for healthy living and in 2020 we will continue doing clinical trials on our supplement products and gaining further third party independent accreditations for the quality of our equipment.

We are driven by a passion to make a positive difference in the healthy living market and our pledge to our customers is that we will only produce products that we believe will deliver a significant health benefit.

In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a ‘feel better’ money back guarantee’ so you can feel confident in your choice or The Restored.


Join The Restored Community

Over the years we have helped many people to feel better and I am extremely proud that over 300,000 people have already benefited from purchasing our products.

We are constantly developing new and innovative products and advice that empower people to make a significant difference to their health and I hope that we can help you to feel better too.