How do I avoid any side effects? How many should I take each day?

Neuro Rest contains a synergistic balance of bioactive ingredients to help avoid headaches and an upset stomach that you can get from high strength pure 5HTP supplements. So to be extra cautious we recommend taking one capsule each night for the first four nights to allow your body to get used to converting 5HTP to serotonin ("the feel-good hormone").  After that try 2 capsules a night and proceed afterwards with whatever works best for you.
If taking both products, we recommend the below plan of Neuro Rest for the first few days and then adding Neuro Focus Plus. This will help with the conversion of 5-HTP to serotonin for a great foundation, and will ensure you have the optimal dosages of each product for you...
Day 1: one capsule of Neuro Rest (30 minutes before bed)
Day 2: one capsule of Neuro Rest
Day 3: one capsule of Neuro Rest
Day 4: one capsule of Neuro Rest
Day 5: increase to two capsules of Neuro Rest
Day 6+: continue with either one or two capsules depending on what gives you the best results
Once your optimal intake has been established for Neuro Rest and you have a great foundation, we recommend adding Neuro Focus Plus in the morning. Take two capsules with food.  We recommend taking 5 days a week.

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