The Restored Posture Corrector

Is slouching causing you to suffer from constant aches and pains? Bad posture is the culprit behind everything from lower back and shoulder pain to neck soreness. But there's an affordable, effective way to get relief fast: The Restored Posture Corrector. 
The Restored Posture Corrector
The Restored Posture Corrector
The Restored Posture Corrector
The Restored Posture Corrector
The Restored Posture Corrector
The Restored Posture Corrector
The Restored Posture Corrector
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The Restored Posture Corrector will...

Ease back pain quickly

Reduces strain on pain-generating structures (muscles, nerves, ligaments and discs)

Reduce slouching

Our PostureFIX design mimics your spine and shoulder blades, training you to hold an upright position.

Increase confidence

Good posture not only increases your joint health but can also help improve mood and confidence.

The benefits of improving posture

Less lower back and shoulder pain

Reduced tension in shoulders/neck

Increased energy

The benefits of improving posture

Fewer headaches

Improved circulation

More confidence

More good stuff

  • Results can be seen in as little as 14 days
  • Soft padding — so straps don't dig into your body
  • Breathable design to prevent you from overheating
  • Light weight but sturdy straps and buckles that won't break
  • Washable convenience (hand wash at 30°C / 86°F)
  • Feel Better or your money back - guaranteed!

Restore your posture

From slouching at our desks to driving, our daily activities can wreak havoc with our spinal alignment. Poor posture can lead to backaches, neck pain, and other nagging discomforts.

The Restored Posture Corrector remedies this problem with an adjustable back support brace that's easy to put on and take off. Wear yours daily to stop the slouching habit and improve your health and physical appearance.

Developed By Biomechanics Experts

Choose a posture corrector created by experts in human form and movement.

While other posture correctors only pull your shoulders from the front, The Restored Posture Corrector gives you total, all-around support.

Our innovative trademarked PostureFIX design — with its distinct "Y" shape — mimics your spine and shoulder blades to provide extra stability for your back. This prevents you from slouching and trains your body to place less strain on your muscles and ligaments when you sit, stand, walk, and lie down.

Less strain = less pain.

Fits Both Men & Women

The Restored Posture Corrector is designed for a chest circumference from 28 inches to 41 inches (71cm to 105cm). A second, larger size option is coming soon. It's easy-to-use design lets you adjust it to a perfect fit that's secure, yet non-irritating.

Even better, our product is discreet under a shirt or blouse — so you can wear it without anyone knowing you have it on. Improve your posture while you work or spend time with family and friends.

Wear your custom posture corrector daily for 1 hour, twice a day, at first. Then add 15 to 30 minutes per session as your body adjusts. Do not wear for longer than 3 hours per day. Results can be seen within 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be worn under clothes?

The Restored Posture Corrector has been designed for both men and women to wear under clothes. Because of the breathable padding you can be assured you'll stay cool and sweat-free with our unique lightweight and breathable design.

Can it be worn it all day?

We recommend wearing it for 2 hours each day to start developing the habit of better posture. We advise not to wear it for longer than 3 hours per day.

Is it washable?

Hand wash with mild soap in warm water (40°) and air dry. Do NOT machine wash, iron or tumble dry. To avoid irritation do not use bleach or softeners.

What does the Yellow 'Y' do?

Our unique trademarked PostureFIX "Y" design was developed by a Biomechanics Expert. Other posture correctors restrict your shoulders by just pulling from the front. Rather than pulling, The Restored posture corrector supports your shoulders from the front. Our PostureFIX® (coloured 'Y') design mimics your spine and shoulder blades to provide extra support from your back. This means your spine does not slouch and you use your back and shoulder muscles correctly. This helps you build long term postural strength.

Can it be worn if I have an existing back condition?

The design of The Restored Posture Corrector means it offers good support to the upper back and shoulder blade region, if worn correctly. Unfortunately we are unable to give individual medical advice as everyone's circumstances are different, particularly when it comes to injuries/conditions. To be sure, please check with your physiotherapist, chiropractor or GP who will be best placed to advise you.

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