The Restored Back Support (NEW)

Designed to help ease lower back pain

Recognised by the National Back Pain Association, our unique design of The Restored Back Support Belt works quickly to relieve backache and radiating / shooting pain. 

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The Restored Back Support will…

Quickly relieve pain

Reduces strain on pain-generating structures (muscles, nerves, ligaments and discs)

Feel supportive and comfortable

Double adjustment for lumbar comfort and fit

Allow you to move with confidence

Be active without worrying about injuring (or re-injuring) your back!

The Restored Back Support to Restore Your Movement

Quickly Relieve Lower Back Pain

So you can get back to the activities you love

Comfortable Fit

Double adjustment means it won't ride up or fold over

The Restored Back Support to Restore Your Movement

Help Restore Your Movement

You'll feel supported, allowing you to move confidently again

Prevent Further Injury

Supports core muscles for proper alignment

More Good Stuff..

  • Value for money - high quality and double stitching means it lasts
  • Not one size fits all - handy sizing guide to ensures comfortable fit
  • The first support belt recognised by Backcare Association
  • Free delivery on UK orders £40+
  • Feel Better or your money back - guaranteed!
  • Free practical guidance to get you moving again, with confidence

Proud To Be ...


120 Softgels

Restore Your Movement

Back problems are a vicious cycle - after an injury, you lose the confidence to move from fear of pain, but not moving makes the problem worse.

The Restored’s Back Support gives you the confidence to move again.

Living sedentary lives has led to an epidemic in back health problems. We sit all day, leaving us prone to a back injury and then we can’t move, so we sit all day. The cycle is vicious, let’s break it.

Combine our Back Support with daily exercises to get you moving again and protect your back moving forward.

Your Comfort First

The Restored Back Support is double adjustment to ensure lumbar comfort and a good fit. Unlike many belts, ours doesn’t ride up or fold over - so you feel secure and supported during any activity. The double-velcro pull mechanism provides adjustable compression that moves with you while ensuring proper muscular and skeletal alignment.

Sizing Guide

Buy with confidence!

We want to help you feel significantly better by empowering you to restore your movement. As a valued The Restored customer, your first purchase of any of our products is guaranteed under our 100% Feel Better Money-Back Guarantee.

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