The Restored Advanced Probiotic

The science is clear: Having a healthy gut microbiome is essential to your digestive and overall wellness. Supplementing with probiotics is a powerful way to keep your digestion running smoothly—but they’re not all created the same.

The Restored High-Strength Friendly Bacteria supplement delivers more high-value strains to where they matter most: your gut. Not only does our product include 20 well-studied types of beneficial bacteria; it features our patent-pending delivery system that helps these strains survive the digestion process.

That means more friendly bacteria reach your gut, where they go right to work supporting an optimally balanced microbiome.

The Restored Advanced Probiotic
The Restored Advanced Probiotic
The Restored Advanced Probiotic
The Restored Advanced Probiotic
The Restored Advanced Probiotic
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High Strength Friendly Bacteria

20 Carefully Selected Strains

Some brands only contain one or two strains. Our probiotics for women & men protect gut health with 20 high-quality, live bacterial strains that can be stored at room temperature. Get more healthy bacteria for your money

Rigorously Tested

We’ve lab-tested our gut health supplement against the leading brands to demonstrate its success in delivering viable bacteria directly to the gut. That means you can feel confident in improving your gut and digestion

One Capsule Is All You Need

While some brands of bacterial cultures require you to take 2 pills, we’ve packed full potency into a single capsule. Plus, our capsules are easy to swallow with a sip of water

Biome Boost (TM)

Normally 96% Of Bateria Doesn't Reach The Gut Alive

Patent-Pending Delivery System

Biome Boost (TM)

Unique Formula That Safely Protects Live Bacteria

17x More Bacteria Reaches The Gut Alive Than The Leading Brand

More good stuff...

  • 100% Vegan Friendly
  • 30 Capsules Per Bottle
  • 20 Live Bacteria Strains
  • 20 Billion CFU
  • One Capsule Per Day
  • No Need To Refrigerate

Normally 96% of Probiotics Don’t Reach the Gut Alive

Our supplement has been carefully developed over five years—by our own team of in-house scientists—to create a probiotic that’s like no other. It features patent-pending Biome Boost, a unique delivery system that harnesses the natural power of seaweed and botanical extracts to protect the capsule from breaking down in the harsh digestive environment.

With Biome Boost, more friendly bacteria survive digestion to reach your gut, where they can flourish and begin strengthening your microbiome.

Supports Healthy Digestion Over Time

Used regularly, The Restored High-Strength Friendly Bacteria supplement can help you achieve and maintain a well-balanced gut microbiome—thought to be a key building block for good health. A balanced gut can potentially lessen the uncomfortable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, heartburn and more.

For best results, take our probiotic in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits, such as including plenty of low-inflammation foods in your daily diet.

Buy With Confidence!

We want to help you feel significantly better by empowering you to restore your movement. As a valued The Restored customer, your first purchase of any of our products is guaranteed under our Feel Better Money-Back Guarantee.

Better gut health starts here

Better gut health starts here

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