Richard Turnbull

How Utmost Me Started

I founded Utmost Me in 2016 after I’d spent years struggling to regularly get a good night’s sleep. 

Looking back to that time, it seemed like my life was going by so fast. I felt like I was just existing. I was working long hours and using caffeine as a crutch to barely make it through the day.

Becoming a father and periods of high stress in a corporate job meant I found it very difficult to switch off at bedtime and when I did manage to fall asleep, I would often wake up hours before my 06.30am alarm.

During this time; I found it hard to ‘keep up’ and deliver the same level of focus and productivity at work that I had previously been able to.

I was getting to the end of the day feeling like I had achieved nothing, I couldn’t focus for more than 15 minutes without getting distracted by something else and I wasn’t able to remember important details.

I knew I wasn’t achieving what I was capable of - all at a time when I needed to be performing better than ever.

I also try to be a very hands-on father and although I would always try my best; I was just going through the motions - sleep deprivation meant I lacked energy and felt irritable. My home life was just collapsing at the end of work.

I started to feel I wasn’t being my best self or achieving my full potential and I wanted to change that.

"So, I started researching brain activity, energy and focus."

So I started researching brain activity, energy and focus. I tried everything - working less, eating differently, exercising, meditation, sleep hygiene - anything and everything. I saw noticeable improvements but I still wasn’t functioning at 100%.

I realised that an ongoing lack of quality sleep was 80% of the problem and that the other 20% of the issue involved getting my brain to work properly. I found that there wasn’t anything available to buy that naturally and effectively aided sleep and focus.

I spent 12 months working with health experts - from sleep doctors to nutritionists to biochemists and even Tour De France cycling coaches and athletes to develop products that really work.

"In Utmost Me, we have created supplements that naturally improve sleep and focus"

In Utmost Me, we have created supplements that naturally improve sleep and focus, but I also aim to create a community for people who want to have more days living to their full potential.

Trust, expertise and care is fundamental to who we are. We know that our customers need us to be our best selves and to ensure we provide the highest levels of compassion, empathy and quality in everything we do. 

Utmost Me supports Make-A-Wish Foundation

A portion of each sale is donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation; any orders will help them grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. As a father to two young children, your support in helping to make a difference to these families means the world.

Utmost Me supports Make-A-Wish

We’re an entrepreneurial start-up and proud of that; myself and the team are working every day to build up a like minded community and content designed to help you – whether you need serious help getting to sleep, have a demanding job, or need to push yourself that bit further to achieve your goals – whether that be at work, at home or even the gym. We’re here to help you have your full potential.

Finally – I’d like to say; ‘welcome to Utmost Me’.

Richard Turnbull

CEO & Founder Utmost Me

Richard Turnbull - Utmost Me Founder and CEO