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Advanced Night-Time Nutrients

Restore Your Sleep,
Nutrition & Movement

Join over 300,000 customers in restoring your foundations of health

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Restore Your Sleep, Nutrition & Movement

Who are The Restored?

We’re driven by our mission - To help people feel significantly better by empowering them to restore their sleep, nutrition and movement.

Our unique products and practical advice are created using proven innovations and expertise. Our science first, evidence based approach means we have found the proven tools that have made a difference to thousands of people who needed to get back to feeling good.

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How Can The Restored Help?

We understand how it feels to not feel as good as you used to. Modern living means everyone has more responsibilities and less time. We are moving less, the nutrients in our food are not as good as they used to be, and our energy is low from poor quality sleep.

We believe restoring the foundations of health is the best way of helping you feel significantly better.

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Benefits of The Restored

Science First, Evidence Based Products

Clinically referenced and approved by third party experts

Free, Practical and Expert Guidance

To help you feel significantly better

98% of Customers Would Recommend Us

*in a survey of 127 customers.

Feel Better Money-Back Guarantee

Feel significantly better, or get your money back. T&C's apply.

UK-based Company

Gluten-free ingredients, GMO free and GMP certified

Free Delivery on UK Orders over £40

Worldwide delivery. All deliveries are tracked.

The Restored Philosophy -
Four Foundations of Health

To make significant improvements to your health you need access to world class products to restore your Sleep, Nutrition and Movement, combined with practical advice and guidance that empowers you to maintain a healthy mindset.

We refer to this powerful combination as our Four Foundations of Health model:

Sleep | Nutrition | Movement | Mindset

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Feel Significantly Better

Feel Significantly Better

To make significant improvements to your health, you need a good baseline in all four foundations; sleep, nutrition, movement and mindset. They are so deeply interlinked that if one foundation is weak, the others’ tremble too. You are only as strong as your weakest link!

So significant improvements come from identifying and restoring your weakest foundations, which in turn helps improve all aspects of your health, so you feel noticeably better.

Find out how to significantly improve your foundations of health for good with The Restored’s 2 minute evaluation.

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Feel Better Guarantee

Feel Better Guarantee

All products come with our Feel Better Money-Back Guarantee, so what’s stopping you from taking action now?

Registered Nutritionist Approved

Chloe Cunningham: BA (Hons), ND, Nutritionist & 'Health Is Wealth' Co-Founder
The Restored's Advanced Night-Time Nutrients is still one of our favourite supplements. We recommend it to our clients who are suffering with sleep.
Chloe Cunningham: BA (Hons), ND, Nutritionist & 'Health Is Wealth' Co-Founder
Alexandra Neilan: BSC (Hons), ND, Nutritionist & 'Health Is Wealth' Co-Founder
I absolutely love The Restored's Triple Strength Omega 3; I feel great on it, and I feel happy recommending it to my clients. I find that it helps to improve mood and brain health, whilst reducing inflammation in the body.
Chloe Cunningham: BA (Hons), ND, Nutritionist & 'Health Is Wealth' Co-Founder

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